Do you have a heart to catalyze church planting movements (CPMs) among the oppressed in unreached communities and the ends of the earth?

Fleeing from war, oppression, and poverty, hundreds of thousands of people from the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa risk their lives in the hopes of a reaching the West and a better tomorrow. The vast majority of these refugees pass through this community. Not only are they strangers in a foreign land without a voice, reputation, rights, identity, status, or  home, but they are also oppressed, vulnerable, exploited, trapped, in poverty, and invisible. In addition, many are Muslims who do not know Christ, have never heard the Gospel, and have never been exposed to the Scriptures or a genuine Christian.

We are looking for someone to assist in implementing church planting movements here; we strive to equip every believer to become a church planter and for every church to become a reproducing church.  Though we seek to equip as many believers as possible, provide ministry opportunities, and release authority, we use a filtering process to highly invest in seminal believers who demonstrate themselves to be obedient, faithful, fruitful, and adopt a CPM vision.   

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