Care Map Data Collection

Bothell, WA or Remote

Short-Term  |  Fundraised  |  Posted October 15, 2021


Vulnerable people are at risk of trafficking in the North Puget Sound. In order to reduce their vulnerability, we are working to create a tool for connecting them to needed resources. The Care Map is a digital map and database of resources for vulnerable people. This resource is being developed in response to consistent feedback from non-profits, community organizations, churches, and governments that access to accurate and comprehensive information is a major need. 

We are currently looking for team members to join us in the further development of this tool.

If you love research, data, and problem solving, we are looking for someone to join us approximately ten hours a week gathering information and adding it to the website database. Training will be provided, but general proficiency with internet and database tools would be very helpful. Optional skills with basic digital photo manipulation is also helpful. Help us obtain vital information on available services in the North Puget Sound and make it available to our partners.

Come be a part of a team that is helping build bridges between vulnerable people and vital resources!

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