Masatepe is a community of roughly 45,000 people located in the Central Pacific region of Nicaragua. Situated in the heart of a region known as the "Meseta", this area is believed to be the most densely populated region of the country outside of the capital city. Given the challenges the people of Masatepe face, both economically speaking as well as socially, we know the solution has to be an innovative one. That’s why we’ve chosen an entrepreneurial approach towards Integrated Community Transformation. We are seeking an individual to serve in an entrepreneurial capacity that can help launch, manage, and evaluate several initiatives over a 2 year or longer period. These initiatives will include partnering with local partners ranging from schools to NGOs, to businesses and churches, as well as coordinating efforts with volunteers serving here from overseas. Each initiative or project launched needs to be developed into a sustainable effort that can be carried out and then evaluated over time. We will use businesses where possible to help sustain these initiatives both from a personal standpoint as well as financially speaking.

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