Jesus used agriculture in much of His teaching and it was because He was part of an agrarian society. Here in Zambia we find ourselves in the midst of many subsistence farmers who are barely making a living and we have answers for them from God’s own training ground. Are you someone who would be willing to give time and energy to help farmers and gardeners learn about a great way to get out of poverty and see the love of Jesus displayed? Are you one who would like to be a part of teaching how to manage and become faithful stewards of God’s creation? The One Collective agricultural team here in Zambia is always looking for people who have willing hearts and a desire to learn and be a part of transforming a community through the gospel. A love for people and a desire to see others utilize the gifts that God has given them will be critical. Having a general understanding of agriculture, subsistence farming, animal husbandry and gardening is helpful, but a willing heart to learn and a passion for sharing the love of Jesus, farming and gardening would be all you need. This is a short-term ministry lasting from two weeks to one year.

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