Here in Bayugan 2 of the Philippines, we are starting an after school program helping kids with both their math and reading skills. There will also be Bible stories, games, and verse memorization. Our high school of 400 students program was started last March and we had over 200 kids who wanted to come. We worked with 7th and 8th grades on one day and 9th and 10th the other. We are planning to set an after school program up at the two elementary schools as well. One school has 600 students and the other 200 students. This will follow the same routine. So on Tuesdays we will be at one elementary, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the high school, and on Fridays at the other elementary. Work here will mainly go from 2:00-5 or 5:30. The school year here goes from the beginning of June until the end of March. We are in need of a person who would come and help us tutor at the schools.
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