Are you looking for valuable work experience in an exciting and challenging cross-cultural location? Lomolo in Kenya could be the place for you.  Working with the village Elders, we are seeking to bring hope and empowerment to hundreds of families that have been displaced from their homeland and have been given land in a semi-arid location in the Rift Valley. 

It is wonderful to see the village Elders working together to empower local families to reach their full potential in spite of many setbacks.  The team we are developing is engaging in ways that will see those families have access to food, freedom, and forgiveness in unique and innovative ways in an environment and climate that sometimes makes change very difficult.

If you have an interest in business, agriculture, youth, discipleship or indeed in almost any arena, we would love to meet with you and explore together if Lomolo could provide you with the experiences and qualifications you need to progress your career

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