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Coronavirus and
One Collective

Spring 2021

Navigating the swings and pressures of living through this pandemic can be discouraging. As you can imagine, these new pressures make life even more difficult for those with little hope. We’re seeing this in every one of the communities we are reaching.

And your role of bringing people together to help the oppressed is especially important today.

Walking to her home, Vika – a One Collective team member in Uzhgorod, Ukraine was startled at the sight of a withered woman – weak, near starvation, and desperate. Laying across her open window hoping to be seen, she could only whisper “water” and “food” when Vika asked for her name.

She quickly prepared a meal for this woman who was so weak she couldn’t lift her head or hold the plate of food. Then Vika fed her.

And every day for the next week Vika and other team members brought this woman meals and water as her strength returned, and then food to last several days. They prayed over this woman and told her that Jesus loved her. In response, she quietly replied, “I know.”

A neighbor was watching Vika and others help this poor woman and finally asked what they were doing. Yes, neighbors knew she was in trouble, but never tried to discover how to help – she was invisible even to her neighbors.

You know the ways of Jesus can transform lives and communities, and because of your help this poor woman and her community know what Jesus’ love can do.

Creating new opportunities to help the oppressed and see those who others ignore in these turbulent times is powerful and important. So please continue to pray!

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” - Galatians 6:9

How can you serve the oppressed today:

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Pray Together

For those who already live on the margins – in poverty, oppression, and invisible – the new reality of a world in crisis raises obvious concerns that you can be part of changing.

Pray and reach out to those you know personally who serve among the oppressed – encourage them, offer them your sincere care and support.

Give Generously

Give above and beyond your current commitments to address immediate hardships. By giving to One Collective directly you can help support those who lead through the ways of Jesus.

Become part of helping One Collective lead and encourage hundreds of Catalysts, workers and partners today. When you give now, you show your faith instead of fear.

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