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Coronavirus and
One Collective

May 11th, 2020

Like you, the oppressed and invisible in some very difficult places today are eager for good news. The loss of life has been heartbreaking, and we’ve all been looking to see how the ways of Jesus are able to transform lives in the midst of fear and uncertainty.

“When the Coronavirus hit Athens, Greece, lockdowns stopped our homeless outreach, and refugees were cut-off. Then, without warning, the refugee camp gates were locked, and fear was spreading faster than the virus,” says Danielle, One Collective’s Catalyst in Athens.

Danielle and her team knew it was time to act.

“We worked fast to calm fears by sharing truthful information. Then we used our strong networks in Athens to connect some key people and organizations responding to the immediate needs of the community.”

“And thanks to our networks in the United States and Europe, we partnered with an organization working in a refugee camp of almost 3,000 – providing emergency food packages with fresh fruit and vegetables and the financial support needed to survive right now.”

In many of the communities where you are part of transforming lives with One Collective, these networks and the ongoing work of Catalysts were already established, already serving the oppressed. Active, catalytic leadership prepared those who serve to be in place and creative in their mission. This is because of your commitment to bring the ways of Jesus to the most vulnerable – thank you.

“As the lock-downs and measures to stop the spread of the Coronavirus continue to change, we are adapting to keep resources flowing and respond personally. We’ve been able to deliver medicine and food with vulnerable families, and connected refugees with supplies they are now sharing with others – it’s amazing to see.”

And what’s next for the work in Athens? “We’re seeing organizations, communities, and individuals stand strong, adapt to help the vulnerable, and influence others with their service,” Danielle adds, “and we are exploring more partnerships to work alongside and empower these individuals and organizations in our community.”

Thank you for being part of transforming lives in Athens and throughout the world as we all face new challenges and changes. And you can be encouraged that the ways of Jesus bring real transformation today.

How can you serve the oppressed today:

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Pray Together

For those who already live on the margins – in poverty, oppression, and invisible – the new reality of a world in crisis raises obvious concerns that you can be part of changing.

Pray and reach out to those you know personally who serve among the oppressed – encourage them, offer them your sincere care and support.

Give Generously

Give above and beyond your current commitments to address immediate hardships. By giving to One Collective directly you can help support those who lead through the ways of Jesus.

Become part of helping One Collective lead and encourage hundreds of Catalysts, workers and partners today. When you give now, you show your faith instead of fear.

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