Bayugan 2



The Philippines in Southeast Asia is made up of around 7,100 Islands and on one of the Southernmost Islands, Mindanao, is a small community of 4,700 people named Bayugan 2.  It is a Suburb (Barangay) of San Francisco, Agusan del Sur and the people there are facing issues dealing with day to day physical needs such as how to have enough food to eat, freedom needs such as how to obtain a good education to escape poverty, and spiritual needs such as what is the plan for my life, does anyone care, and who is Jesus Christ.   Bayugan 2 has challenges for all ages and genders, but the people here are some of the friendliest and warmest one will ever meet as well.

In the community, there are 1,138 households according to the most recent poll.  311 of these households have income below the poverty threshold, which would be 27.3 %.  360 homes experienced food shortage at various times, which is 31.6%.  Out of the nearly 800 elementary students in the community, there are 43 not going to school.  And out of the kids ages 13-16, there are 39 not attending.

The workers here in Bayugan 2 are committed to seeing Community Transformation in their ministry.  Men, women, and children will be reached and impacted in many ways including how to obtain and use food for themselves and their families, how to break the chain of poverty with a good education and obtaining a nice job, and how to find out who Jesus is and grow into a life-long relationship with Him.  There are opportunities with gardening and agriculture, working with live-stock such as goats, helping people to provide for their families with jobs and training,  helping children to thrive in school and even possibly go on to college after graduating, and helping the local church to thrive in representing God.

We are praying for those who will join us in this wonderful part of the world with these beautiful people in the mission to transform the community of Bayugan 2, on the Island of Mindanao, in the country of the Philippines.  Those who might have a burden for helping families to find ways to provide basic needs for themselves such as food and water or to obtain jobs and finish their trainings to find better jobs, helping children and teenagers in their schools to obtain better educations and with these educations to escape poverty, or even just to spend some time with someone showing them our love and through that, God’s love, this may be the place where you can be used.  There may also be something which you have a burden for that has not been mentioned.  We would love to discuss it with you.   


We seek to bring an integrated approach to working alongside the people in our community, unlocking the potential in the people we meet.

We are working with and ministering to men, women, and children who are too often living below the poverty line and dealing with issues of how to meet basic needs.  We pray to see peoples’ lives transformed through relationship, learning to provide for themselves and their families, acquiring a good education to escape the clinches of poverty, and finding out more about God and how much He cares for them.  With poverty comes many other issues to be dealt with.  Through trainings and education, learning hands-on skills, and finding ways for the people to take pride in themselves, realizing who they are and what they have to contribute under Jesus Christ, we are working to bring freedom and see lives transformed by the power of God.

Some of our programs include such things as an after school program taking place in a high school and 2 elementary schools, trying to work with the youth in a group, and finding ways to help families to either get their children into school if they are not or to help compensate some of the costs included with having their children in school.  We are working to fix a water system with the leaders in the community to supply everybody with fresh and clean water. There is a program in process to help the people with disabilities to acquire job skills.  Also, we are trying to help develop goat herds for the people in various parts of the area and teaching them how to grow produce for themselves personally and as a community.  Spiritually, it is our ultimate goal that every person in Bayugan 2 would understand who God is and what He has to offer to them.

When Bayugan 2 has been impacted for Christ and His kingdom, no one will be invisible and everyone will have access to food, freedom, and forgiveness.


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