Serve as a
Community Director

In South Africa

Be the Leader
You were Called to Be

At One Collective, we know you want to be a leader who makes a difference in the world, especially in places where impact will last.

What if there was an opportunity to lead a team that is already on the ground rolling up their sleeves and doing good work?

As a leader with One Collective, you will:

  • Be empowered to innovate and think outside the box
  • Lead a high-capacity team ready to engage in community needs
  • Empower local leaders excited about seeing change happen in their community
  • Fundraise for the community and ongoing initiatives

South Africa

South Africa is a nation of extremes – extreme wealth and extreme poverty. Within a 15 minute drive, you can go from beautiful, quiet suburbs with large houses & gated communities to noisy, crowded, ramshackle settlements. These vastly different worlds have long been separated, both racially and socioeconomically, due to apartheid.

Despite and because of this, South Africa is a place with unique & extraordinary opportunities for reconciliation. South Africa has a wealth of resources ready to be mobilized to creatively solve complex challenges of poverty, unemployment, broken family systems, and spiritual blindness.


Through relationships that have been built over the past decade, Cambridge is ready for a new leader to hit the ground running. Churches are ready for partnership, local organizations are ready to collaborate, and people in the city are hungry for change. They just need someone ready to bring them together.


On the ground is a small team with huge potential for growth, already passionate about social entrepreneurship as a means of engaging in sustainable community transformation. Leaders have the opportunity to both join existing structure & programs, while also entering in at ground level to give direction and cast the vision for the future of Cambridge.


Focuses for the role:

  • Environmental conservation
  • Small business development
  • Youth employment and skill development
  • Innovation and social entrepreneurship

Serving as a
Global Leader

If you’re a leader looking to make an impact - you need to know that others have your back. If you’ve worked in an organization without this kind of support, you know how difificult doing good work can be.

At One Collective, every leader serving around the world is backed by a diverse team of professionals, core leadership, and a strategy that empowers leaders to create lasting change.

When you serve with One Collective - you will be empowered to make a significant difference in the world with the skills and experience that God has given you.


The resources and support you’ll get:

  • Comprehensive cross-cultural training
  • Leadership cohorts based on geographical location and stage of ministry
  • Bi-annual leadership intensives to collaborate with and learn from other One Collective leaders

What you’ll get to do:

  • Foster innovation and take risks
  • Maintain awareness of global trends and challenges, developing appropriate responses for your context
  • Pursue intercultural and contextual understanding
  • Cultivate personal growth - spiritual, physical, and mental well-being
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